Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Hello everyone! This is my first venture into the hithero unexplored world of blogging, although I am a veteran facebooker...

I'm currently writing Kronos City for Insomnia Publications with lovely art by Alex Willmore and Lauren Anne Sharp, so I'll be posting updates on that.

I'll also keep everyone posted on the latest goings on at Insomnia.

I dabble a lot at the doodle, so you can be wowed by my penmanship. I discovered at the 2D festival in Derry that I'm one of the fastest pens in the west. I'll be posting some of my various dabblings as we go along. I like to draw the characters from Kronos City a lot. In the early stages of plotting I used to draw them over and over again until their personalities popped out at me. I'll get round to scanning them in some time as well.

I'm including some of my Dr Sketchy work from the burlesque life drawing held in the Menagarie in Belfast on the first Sunday of every month, which is excellent fun.


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