Saturday, 29 August 2009

The Truth About Kronos City...

Lauren put up a post detailing how she thought that the idea for Kronos City came about, and I promised her that I would put up the real story, which isn't as interesting as all the mystery...I was out for coffee with my housemate, Ruth, and our friend, Elaine, and Ruth made a comment about how she measures time in streets or streets in time - I can't quite remember which. It was to do with how long it takes to get somewhere being determined by how many streets there are between you and it. Anyhoo, that planted the idea of streets made of time, which changed into canals of time, which was the starting seed for Kronos City.

I'm not entirely sure exactly where the karma idea came from. I was walking home from work (it's about 40 min) and I came up withthe whole karma inc concept, in a pretty similar form to how it ended up, although there's a few new ideas and subpolts that came together from some other stories that were floating in my head.

So there you have it...

I'm also firing up a sketch I did of Elektra a few weeks back. I like my brush pen.

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