Monday, 25 October 2010

Surgical sketching

Good news if you hadn't heard it. Actually, it's pretty good even if you had. Kronos City has found a new home at Time Bomb Comics (you can read about it here, at the Kronos City blog, with a line drawing that I did of all the Kronos City leads, which I', pretty pleased with. I'll be interspersing updating my own blog with the Kronos City one.

But back to my solo stuff, which this week takes the form of my Drawing London on Location biweekly excursion. This weekend was to the Hunterian Museum of Surgery, a lovely place filled with pickled walrus and human face. I enjoyed this one a lot. I took a lot of the different items on display and made a composite sketch. The real place is much cleaner and has no blood stains.

The face on the back wall of the image is a replica of the death mask of Isaac Newton. Nifty.

The second piece of the day is from the park across the road from the museum, which, I think, is Lincoln Inn Fields. In this picture you will see a bandstand, a made-up lady (as in from my head, not covered in garish face paint) and lots of squiggles.

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